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Trends in the bucket water industry in 2020

June 30, 2020

Latest company case about Trends in the bucket water industry in 2020

With the development of the economy, people are consuming more and more, and the demand for food is also increasing. Buckets of water are recognized by many consumers because of their numerous categories and ease of purchase and drinking, and the market has been developing rapidly.

According to statistics, in recent years, domestic production of bottled water has continued to grow and the market is gradually expanding, with domestic sales of bottled water exceeding 68 million tons in 2019 (data from the database of China Business Research Institute), and the demand for bottled water will exceed 70 million tons in 2020.


However, with the development of the industry, a variety of miscellaneous brands of water, substandard water, "brand false water", water station "secondary pollution" and other issues spewed out And out. Now health is more and more attention, some consumers give up the bucket of drinking water, choose "water purifiers" or directly boil water to drink. It's not that they don't really want to consume bottled water, it's that they don't know how to buy safe bottled water. As the market continues to evolve, it will gradually weed out the chaotic, small, workshop-based producers of bottled water, and consumers will prefer to be able to Quality brands that ensure safe drinking water.


In the development of the Internet today, the emergence of a large number of Internet companies to change consumer habits, WeChat payment, Alipay payment , takeaway platforms, dropshipping, bicycle sharing and other Internet development pioneers. But at present, the bucket of water is still using the traditional model, the current level of consumption is increasing year by year, the street shop rents are rising, the general Water stations have largely said goodbye to street level shops and are gradually moving towards secluded locations such as garages, backstreet stores, small warehouses and community homes as places to operate. The natural customer base is low and the delivery management is confusing. Answering the phone during the distribution process and having to record the brand of bucket the consumer needs, the quantity of the bucket and the consumer's address each time and consumer phone numbers, forgetting consumer addresses, missed orders, delayed orders, and delivery errors are commonplace, making the consumer experience impossible. Assurance. Water stations have a large workload and high costs, making it difficult to improve quality service and for water companies and brands to effectively constrain water stations. Such a traditional model for buckets of water, with varying quality of service for consumers and no guarantee that the buckets are branded and genuine. Negative news is common, a large number of consumers give up the bucket of water to drink.


At present, manufacturers of bottled water brands still use the traditional wholesalers + water station business model, the end consumer is always in the hands of the water station, the market competition is fierce, the water station is easy to complete its sales of bottled water brand change, therefore, bottled water brand manufacturers in order to retain the current sales channels, it is difficult to improve the level of management and service of the water station, resulting in differences in consumer experience, unable to build their own brand image of the brand service.


We believe that the future of the bottled water market, will be because of consumer food safety consumption upgrade, bottled water brand manufacturers can not only do the role of wholesalers, but also need to do a good job in the role of the management side, combined with all of its water station, unified management, provide brand credibility at the same time, modern management, reduce the cost of water station specific business distribution, standardize the orderly development of the industry, in the bottled water industry does not regulate, to establish their own brand and enhance the competitiveness of the company.


With the continuous development of e-commerce, the future, the concept of the Internet + will continue to cover every corner of our lives, bucket of water brand own order level platform and other new orders with a distinctive brand credibility, will gradually replace the traditional way of ordering by phone.


The establishment of efficient logistics channels will relatively reduce logistics costs and establish a perfect service system to provide products and services for the high-end drinking water market. Service, although the entry barrier is much higher, but for those brands and enterprises that have a quality advantage, will get a blue ocean market. This is a trend in the development of the bottled water industry.

Therefore, for the bottled water brand manufacturers, hope to increase the competitiveness of the future in the market, to establish their own brand image and service, the establishment of a unified Internet order, you can control the overall control of the water station Internet system, has been imminent.


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