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Steam shrink tunnel and boiler are packed to Ecuador 2023/10/10

October 10, 2023

Latest company news about Steam shrink tunnel and boiler are packed to Ecuador 2023/10/10

Introduction and features of steam shrink tunnel:


High-quality label appearance: The steam shrinking oven can tightly fit the label to the surface of the container, eliminating bubbles and wrinkles, making the label look smoother and more beautiful. This helps improve the appearance quality and appeal of product packaging, thereby enhancing brand image.

Durability: Steam shrink ovens use heat and steam to bond labels to containers, ensuring labels are less susceptible to damage or fading during shipping and storage. This helps ensure a long-lasting presence in the market.

Wide applicability: The steam shrink oven is suitable for different types of label materials, including plastic, PVC, PET, etc., so it can meet the packaging needs of various industries. It can be applied to various container types such as bottles, jars, boxes, etc.

Efficient production: This kind of equipment usually has efficient automation functions, which can quickly process a large number of labels and complete the shrinking operation in a short time, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Environmentally friendly: Steam shrink ovens usually use heat shrink technology without the use of harmful solvents or glues, making them environmentally friendly. It also helps reduce waste and material wastage.

Flexibility: Production flexibility and customization can be achieved by adjusting temperature, pressure and shrink time to accommodate different label and container requirements.

In general, the steam shrink oven is a key tool in the label manufacturing and packaging industry. It can improve the quality and efficiency of product packaging while reducing environmental impact, so it has an important position and value in commercial production.







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