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0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : 4948USD
Packaging Details : Wooden case Delivery Time : 7-15 working
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 20Sets per month
Brand Name: Fillpack Certification: CE/ISO9001
Model Number: BZSX-1000 line

Detail Information

Machinery Capacity: 0-1000BPH Processing Types: Water Filling Plant
Filling Material: Water And Non Carbonated Beverage Packaging Material: Plastic Barrel, Bottles
Filling Volume: 0-2L Voltage: 380V 50Hz
Dimension(L*W*H): 1000*600*1100 Weight: 100KG

Product Description

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line


1.Raw water tank and Storage water tank

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 0

Stainless steel sterile cistern is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and water treatment works, in water treatment process has played precipitation, buffer pressure, prevent water pollution, storage water functions.
1, sterile water tank using new craft technique manufacturing, internal without tensile sinew, box wall without right Angle, have no dirt, easy cleaning, accord with international general recognition of GMP hygiene standards.
2, material USES SUS304 stainless steel food-grade, strong corrosion resistance,
3, sterile water tank design is reasonable, pressure evenly, wind load is small, good sealing, thoroughly eliminate the dust harmful substances in the air and small animals, ensure water invasion from secondary pollution,
4, and scientific flow design, normal use water and sediment natural layering, via tank out life water clear health, hydraulic increased obviously. The water tank bottom sediment nature gathered in central alongshore around, only regular open spherical tank bottom drain valve can be education, without manual often clean;
5, sterile water tank, light weight is only a small percentage of concrete tank, beautiful appearance, have very strong adornment effect, can cooperate advertising use, the effect is much.


500LPH Mono block RO system

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 1

First stage pretreatment.(Sand filter)
The use of multi-medium quartz sand filters, main purpose is to remove the water contains sediment, manganese, rust, colloid material, mechanical impurities, suspended solids and other particles in the above 20UM of substances hazardous to health.
Second stage pretreatment (Carbon filter)
Activated carbon filters used to remove the pigment in the water, smell, a large number of chemical and biological organisms, reducing the residual value of water and pesticide pollution and other harmful pollutants.
Third stage pretreatment (Sodium ion exchanger)
Soldium ion exchanger uesd for water softening, primarily to remove hardness of water. So as to effectively prevent the reverse osmosis membrane fouling. System can automatically recoil,
Fourth stage pretreatment (Precision filter)
Particle size in water to remove fine particles, sand filters can remove very small colloidal particles in the water, so that the turbidity reached 1 degree.
RO system
The core equipment of water pump is imported and the membrane film is imported from Hydranautics in America. It is equipped with full set of clean unit. It has the features of simple structure, convenient operation and high technological level.


UV sterilizer

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 2

General specification:
1, Sterilization
254 mm wave length of ultraviolet ray can cause the nucleic acid structure mutations by changing and disrupt the microorganism and nuclear protein with bacterial virus .It changes the genetic transcription characteristics of cell, which made biological loss of the ability of protein synthesis and copy breeding , and ultimately death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
2, Degrade organic matter, Reduce the total organic carbon
185 mm wavelength of ultraviolet light can produce the photochemical reaction in the water to let ionization water produce hydroxide radicals (OH) of great ability oxidation, which can change the organic carbon into carbon dioxide and water.
Product range is complete, flow range:0.5-500T/H
Over-flow reactor chamber using 304 stainless steel, automatic welding, the high-brightness polished chamber increase radiation and sterilization effect.
Immersion connector using special food grade PTEE, resistance to ozone and UV aging, easy installation, sealing strong
Low-pressure high-intensity mercury lamp, life of 9000-13000 hours, supporting high-efficiency electronic ballast, sterilization rate as high 99.99%
System design standard used by the U.S.NSF55

Suitable for water treatment systems
Overall dimension
Inlet/outlet size
Connector type
BSP Male
Max operating pressure
Ultraviolet intensity
Material of operating cavity
UV lamp service life
9000 hours


Semi-automatic 0-2L bottled water filling line

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 3

Semi-auto bottle rinser
The machine is a semi-automatic liquid filling container plastic bottle cleaning equipment, widely used in drinking water,juice drinks production unit cleaning plastic bottle container.In small beverage production unit is particularly applicable: After putting the bottle in place, press the button to wash the bottle with water, scrubbing action is completed automatically, and all by manual cleaning compared,Work efficiency can be improved by about many times.
This machine adopts continuously spraying method to wash bottles. This machine is suitable for different sizes of bottle.The washing system has the water recycle and filtering device. machine material is made of stainless 304.

Working process:
Workers insert bottles into rinsing positions downside up, water will be generated into bottle bottom height to flush dirty outside; There is water inlet and water discharge hole in the machine.

Model Working stations Capacity Power Machine size Machine wight Packing way
Semi-auto bottle rinser for plastic bottles 12PCS 600BPH 0.37KW 1000*600*850 80KG Wooden case


6 head filling machine
The filling machine can production line is a widely used automatic liquid filling machine, which can accurately fill non-gas drinks such as wine, juice, coffee, oil, water etc., and can also be filled with vinegar, milk, pesticide and other liquids. Suitable for PET bottles of various sizes, Equipment is a customized product, can be customized according to the samples of different customers.

1. After manually placing the bottle, manually press the button, the filling pump starts filling;
2. When the water is about to be filled, manually press the custom button to stop filling;
3.The contact part of the material is made of 304 stainless steel;
4.The machine is simple in composition and easy to install.

Model Six heads liquid filling machine
Voltage AC220/110V 50/60HZ
Power 1.1KW
Air pressure Normal pressure
Capacity 1000BPH
Filling precision ≤±1%
Material SUS304
Filling range options 25-1500ML
Size and weight: 1000*600*1100 100KG



Hand-held screw capper
The hand-held electric capping machine is mainly used for unscrewing or tightening various screw caps, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, daily chemical bottles, medicine bottles, etc. The machine is easy to carry and can be easily used to tighten or loosen various bottle caps. Its adjustable clutch (adjustment strength) can effectively avoid the damage of the bottle cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug. Once the cap is tightened, the chuck will automatically stop rotating, indicating that you can move on to the next cap. The whole machine includes: main engine, aluminum screw cap and buffer inner plug.
Machine including: host, aluminum capping card inside the plug head and a buffer.
This machine can be used alone or in combination with a filling machine. It is an ideal equipment for mass production in food, medicine, pesticide, chemical and daily chemical industries. It has a wide range of capping and capping is not affected by the height, shape, size and weight of the bottle. It is an ideal tool for screw cap screwing due to the characteristics of convenient operation, low failure rate and low price. It is especially suitable for use in cases where the bottle is tall, large, heavy, or the bottle has a strange shape, or the cap has many specifications, and the screw cap needs to be replaced frequently.
It can be suitable for different diameter cap by changing capping head.
Four pieces aluminum capping head: 10-20mm, 20-30mm, 30-40mm, 40-50mm.
The rubber band is a wearing part, about 3,000 bottles need to be replaced, and the capping head generally does not need to be replaced.


Model: BX-50
Capacity: 10-30 bottles per min
Applicable cap type:Plastic cap, aluminum cap
Applicable cap diameter: φ10-φ50mm
Power: 80W
Dimension: 70*70*300mm
Weight: 1.5kg


Semi-auto adhesive labeling machine for round bottles with code printer

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 4

Worker load bottles manually on bottle loading position, then press labeling rack down to bottle surface, then labeling roll will rotate and leave the label to bottle surface, labeling, pressing can be done at the same time; High labeling quality, no bubble, no decline; Machine have a range to be adjusted for different size bottle.


Applicable for glass bottle and PET bottles in round shape. Machine need special order if the bottle is in particular shapes

LB-50D with code printer
AC 220V 50HZ / 110V 60HZ
Label speed
25-50 Pcs/min
Label accuracy
Label roller inner diameter
≥ φ75mm
Max label roller out diameter
Suitable bottle diameter
Max size of label
Machine size
Total weight



Manual wrapping shrink heating gun

0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 5


Voltage:AC 220V



Air flow:200-450L/Min



0- 2L Semi-automatic Pure Drinking PET Bottle Washing Filling Capping Equipment Plant Water Filling Machine Line 6


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