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Bucket / Barrel / Gallon 1500bph Auto Water Filling Machine PLC

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : negotiable amount
Packaging Details : wooden case Delivery Time : 15-25 working days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 5 sets/month
Place of Origin: ZhangJiaGang JiangSu China Brand Name: FILL PACK
Certification: CE, ISO9001 Model Number: QGF-1500

Detail Information

Bottle Size: 5 Gallon Bottle Capacity: 1500BPH
Control: PLC Material: Stainless Steel 304
Automatic Grade: Automatic Condition: New
Power: 1.38KW
High Light:

1500bph auto water filling machine


auto water filling machine PLC


1500bph filling water machine

Product Description


bucket / barrel / gallon bottle water rinser filler capper equipment / plant / machine / system / line
Equipment list:

Items Name of machine Model Size(mm) Qty.
1.1 Automatic De-capper BG-3 1200*500*2100 1set
1.2 Linear type external washer LXT-10 3500*1200*2100 1set
1.3 Monoblock jar rinser CXJ-24 13000*2300*2500 1set
1.3.1 Automatic jar loading-unloading device ST-6 / 1set
1.4 Automatic rotary jar filler and capper TG-14 3000*2300*2200 1set
1.4.1 Automatic cap lifter-washer SG-1 800*800*3000 1set
1.5 Sleeve labeling machine TB-50 1500*800*2000 1set
1.5.1 Steam shrink tunnel / 600*600*1000 1set
1.5.2 Connection conveyor system and motor for shrink labeling system part 6m
1.6 Checking Light CL-1 1000*100*450 1pc
1.7 Conveyor Belt(254mm)*14meters+corner belt conveyor*1pcs+ Motor (0.75KW)*2sets+roller conveyor*4meters+corner roller conveyor*1pcs 1suit
1.8 Ink jet code printer OH-338 347*220*100 1set
1.9 Automatic Arm rotary type stacker RMD-2000 2500*1850*2600 1set

1.1, The Automatic de-capping machine with 4 heads for reference
This machine is driven by cylinder, controlled by PLC; Automatic working by barrel checking; The machine has 3 de-capping heads. De-capping head is composed by claw device and cylinder, de-capping head position can move up and down, claw device can be adjusted slightly to be suitable for different caps.
When the gallon bottle comes into the machine, the de-capping head will go down and claw device will hold tightly barrel cap sides, and then lift the barrel to take off the caps; And when the caps are taken off, the compressor air will blow the caps into cap hopper, then fall outside into client’s own holder;
The claw pressure is adjusted to protect caps;
De-capping head: 3 heads
Dimension: 1200*500*2100 mm
Air consumption: 0.1M3/min
Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Pneumatic brand: Airtac
Weight: 180kg

1.2, Linear type external washer

The machine is controlled by PLC and used for gallon jar outside brush washing; When the jars are sent into the machine by the conveyor, the brushes inside driven by motor will rotate quickly. The main brush shape is made according to jar shape and size which the jar neck and shoulder will be washed completely. Water showing will be done at the same time of brush washing.
No air compressor needed, it is easy for production and maintenance;
Dimension: 3500*1200*2100mm
Weight: 1000kg
Power: 3 KW
Main brush :20pc
Bottom brush :10pcs
Water tank:1pc
With the protect barrel function
Plate thickness: 2mm SUS 304
Brushes: nylon
Water pump: NanFang
Motor: SANLI
PLC: Mitsubishi
Limit switch: ORMON
Contactor: Schneider
1.3, Monoblock jar rinser(with up-down type rinsing heads)

The rinsing is divided into 18 times and draining stations are set after each rinsing steps by alkali liquid, recycling return back water, aseptic water and pure water, each station time is 8S.
When the power is turned on, PLC was electric start work, the flushing and chain conveyor electrical work, then automatic bottle makes the bottle gradually into each process starts flushing (flushing time and lye temperature can be adjusted via the touch screen), flushing is completed, bottle after bottle rack down to fall on the conveyor.
The machine has four tanks: 2pcs hot alkaline water tank(different target temperature), 1pc of disinfect water tank, 1pc back water tank. a funnel with a Plexiglas cover, you can inside the water level monitoring.
Tank has a low level alarm, when too much water, it can overflow through the overflow port; alkali tanks are equipped with thermostatically controlled heater.Each tank has a bottom drainage, mix water is discharged through the outlet via the drainage duct.
Pure water is not equipped with a water tank, direct access to NanFang water pumps.Each pump outlet has a valve, flush the water off automatically guarantee pass; does not work when the outlet water from the valve to return to their tank (finished water back to the pump before the pipeline), to avoid the pump frequent starting, improved life of the pump.
Bottle unloading mechanism consists of propping bucket, bottle rack stand, vertical cylinders and other components, bottle washing is completed, after falling off the bottle, directly on the conveyor.
Plate thickness: 2mm SUS 304
Water pump: NanFang
Motor: SANLI
Cylinder: AIRTAC
Photo sensor: Autonics
Air consumption: 0.6M3/min; 0.6Mpa
Heating Power: 18KW, other parts Power: 6KW
Dimension: 13000*2300*2500mm
Weight: 5500kg

1.4 Automatic rotary jar filler

This machine adopts micro pressure filling that bucket irrigation fluid through the pump to the water, always ensure that the filling process was full of barrels of irrigation fluid state, irrigation fluid barrel top with a pressure sensor, a pressure sensor through the signal into the inverter by inverter control pump motor speed, thus ensuring a constant filling pressure.
Bottle fed by a star wheel into the bottle filling machine, filling area to reach the starting point, the roller bottles along the cam will hold up, start filling valve for filling a bottle, and with the body, etc. together synchronously rotating; bottles arrive irrigation end point loading zone, to reach the cam roller bottles with low self-reset Close filling valve, filling the end of the barrel with the star wheel sent out of the bottle filling machine.
PLC: Mitsubishi
Air components: AirTAC
Water pumps: NanFang
Transducer: Mitsubishi
Power: 5KW
Filling heads: 14pcs
Dimension: 3000*2300*2200mm
Weight: 3000kg

1.5 Sleeve labeling machine for gallon bottle mouth label

The Gallon bottle Sleeve labeling machine frame is applied for the sleeving the label on the gallon bottle mouth, it is made of stainless steel SUS304. The frame is simple, beautiful, waterproof and not rust. It is easy for cleaning.
The special cutting system: adopting the whist and con-volute technology. The label cutting is flat, no burr.
The label location set assures the sleeving veracity.
Adopting model group design, module controlled; Achieve veracity and fast sleeving.
With the good quality touching operation screen, achieving operation by finger, easy and shortcut.
It is a high automatic packing machine. Just one person handles, easy operation.
Higher safely and stability for operation and saving time of manpower.
1.6, Checking light
Power: 0.09KW
Dimension: 1000*100*450MM
Weight: 10kg
1.7, Ink jet code printer
Outer package size of the Ink jet code printer:33*27*17cm
Net Weight of the Ink jet code printer: 0.75Kg
Gross Weight of the Ink jet code printer: 2.3Kg
Outer package size of support:38*20*20cm
Gross Weight of support: 4Kg

1.9 Automatic Arm rotary type stacker
It adopts slide-type self-gravity roller conveyor to transfer the barrel, no power consumption in standby;
The automatic palletizer can stack five gallons of finished water into 3 layers, each with 16 barrels, that is, 16*3=48 barrels, and the speed can reach -2000 barrels/H, which not only saves the area of finished water, but also greatly saves Number of labor and labor intensity of workers;
This product has the advantages of perfect performance, simple operation, stable and reliable work, reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, and high degree of automation. It meets the requirements of food hygiene and is the most ideal product for 5-gallon barrel drinking water manufacturers.
The plant layout drawing(mm):
Bucket / Barrel / Gallon 1500bph Auto Water Filling Machine PLC 0
Bucket / Barrel / Gallon 1500bph Auto Water Filling Machine PLC 1

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